Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Kingdom of Wordland (Chapter Five)

The Aftermath...

At the close of the last chapter, many loyal subjects had departed Wordland. This was due to much greed and avarice displayed by the King and his Royal Family. For years, this family took the tariffs from their subjects and spent much of it on themselves. They purchased lavish castles and drove the finest chariots. They were always bedecked in opulent clothing and accoutrements. They traveled on many luxuriant journeys and consumed sumptuous gastronomic provisions. Their loyal subjects took note of this spending for many years, but were always instructed to give their total obeisance to the King and all of his proclamations. It was expected of them to approve of his lifestyle even though it was far above anything that most of them could ever imagine. The King instructed them that everyone who admired his possessions could envision having it all for themselves as well, but that this would cost them a portion of their wages. Many tried to do this but were still unable to achieve what they saw. There were some who sacrificed much while gaining nothing. Some even suffered great loss.

Then, there was the Great Banquet, which was also described in the last chapter. The King’s family desired that great honor be bestowed upon him, but at a high price for the loyal subjects. This and other blunders on the part of the King led to the Enlightened Exodus of the Masses. Many of those who had dwelled in Wordland scattered to remote areas. Those who left the kingdom developed a close camaraderie, and were now afforded an easy sociability and familiarity with one another, which they had been unable to experience while they were under the stern and watchful eye of the King.

After the Enlightened Exodus of the Masses, much nonsensical tripe and babble was spoken by the King as well as others who made proclamations from his platform. Belittling remarks were made with great frequency in attempts to discredit those who had been brave enough to venture outside his Kingdom. Many such remarks were also made by the Duke and Duchess of Falsehoods who reigned in the West. There were numerous grave references made regarding the former Wordlanders, comparing them to excrement and predicting their untimely deaths. This brought fear into the hearts of many of the subjects who remained in the Kingdom, but much amusement to those who had left. They were well aware that the statements were made by those with expertise in fraudulent predictions. Words of warning were also spoken by the King’s family members, with instructions to shun all those who had left the kingdom. Lady Tamira of Walkenshire, who had been a supportive and faithful subject for nearly a quarter century, left the Kingdom with her family after being treated rudely by the King. Since that time, she approached members of the Royal Family on several occasions with gestures of friendliness, only to be shown a great lack of courtesy. Others were treated in a similar manner when they attempted such kindness. This family also began to try to pronounce curses on the former Wordlanders. Where was the love and kindness on which the Kingdom of Wordland had first been established? Did greed and selfishness overtake and destroy it?

The seemingly vast riches of the Kingdom began to dwindle. Much was expected of those with great wealth. Many appeals were made for additional gold, silver, pounds, and shillings from all the loyal subjects who remained in the Kingdom of Wordland. The King had taught many lectures on how to attain wealth and possessions, but it seemed that when it became necessary to put his own royal principles into practice, he failed to do so.

Now all of the palatial dwellings of the Royal Family are up for transfer of ownership and title to the highest bidders. The former dwelling of Prince Devoid was declared to be in default due to nonpayment of the tariffs and taxes needed to keep it. It has also been said that the Royal Castle for the Kingdom of Wordland is up for transfer of ownership as well. What could be the purpose behind this? There has been much speculation, but for now it remains a mystery...

- V/G