Monday, May 5, 2008

The Kingdom of Wordland (Chapter One)

In The Beginning

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there were a people that lived in the Kingdom of Wordland. These Wordlanders were, at one time, a happy people who worked together to build a place that would spread the good news that they had come to find. In the beginning, this was a small group of people with modest means and hearts that were true. They started out with a leader that lived and worked among them. He was a simple man who was very grateful to the people. He would take time to teach the people and help them deal with the issues that they each faced. The leader at this time dressed and lived a humble life like the rest of the people.

The Wordlanders would come together many times each week to listen to the man teach the truths that he had learned. The leader told them of a place far to the west that he had visited where he learned these teachings. In that city there were people who lived in a state of near perfection where no one ever got sick and or lacked for anything. If there was anything that they needed, all that they had to do was to say it and it would manifest. As the leader began to teach this message, the people began to long to know more about it and dreamed of their visit to this city, which was called Mecca.

Each week, when the people came together they would make great merriment. They would gather with the minstrels and sing and dance. They would celebrate and shout of the things that they had not yet seen, but were told that one day they would have.

As more and more people came to this small place, they began to grow. The leader began to have other great leaders visit his people, and one day the great teacher from Mecca came to visit. As the small group continued to grow they realized that they needed to find a larger place so that more people could come to see this great work. And one day they did. They moved to a much larger place that was greater than anything they could imagine. The leader told them not to worry because he could help them believe for anything.

All was well, and everyone was happy. The leader began to travel out and spend time with others like him. The people were excited to hear that he was known among the great leaders of Mecca. They were told that their leader was a man of importance and they began to see him in a different light. One day their leader returned from Mecca and told the people that he had just learned of a new teaching from the great prophet. No longer was he to spend time close to the people and be their servant, but he now held a special place and was to be addressed as their King. From that day forward, no one was to address the leader by any other title but King.

During this time in Wordland, the Kingdom began to grow. Many people were happy, but they began to see a change in their newly proclaimed King. He no longer lived among the people. He no longer dressed or drove chariots like the people. No longer was he available to help the people with their problems. He also began to talk about how important it was to accumulate fine things, and that the Kingdom of Wordland was the greatest Kingdom in all of the known world. This also must mean that he was the greatest King in all the world. One day he told the people that he was the King of the Kingdom that all of the other Kings wished that they could be King of. Oh how proud that made all of the people and the King’s family!

To be continued.....