Monday, May 5, 2008

The Kingdom of Wordland (Chapter Two)

Trouble Brews for the Wordlanders...

At this time some people did not like the change that they saw in their King. They were told that the King knew all things and was not to be questioned. Some of those people did not like the King’s response and decided to leave the Kingdom. When these people told the King that they were leaving, he warned them that great evil would come upon them and their families if they left. He told them that they were only safe from the great evil one if they remained behind the walls of his Kingdom. Many people began to leave in spite of the great dangers that were outside of the Kingdom walls. It was reported that some who left had faced an untimely death. This is the first time that any Wordlanders were bold enough to venture outside of the walls of Wordland. At this time, a decree came down from the King that any and all outcasts were to be shunned.

The King pronounced a blessing of health on all of the loyal subjects and told them that they were in a land that was free from plagues and diseases. The King continued to prosper and threw many great feasts for all of the other kings with whom he had become close. It seemed that all of the small people had become servants to the King instead of his being servant to them. The King did not seem to have time to spend with the people because he was now busy trying to expand his Kingdom.

One day, a dark spirit fell on Wordland. In spite of the great words of protection that had been spoken by the King, many people came down with the great plague. The King continued to speak words of health, but others became ill as well. Although the people were told that they were in a safe place which was free of this plague, there were some that died. After that, other evils fell on some of the people. There were many in the kingdom who became fearful and troubled. The King stood his ground and told the people that all was well.

Over the next several days, the people waited for the King to present them with a message of comfort. Many asked the King to explain what had happened. They were disillusioned because they had been taught that things like these would never fall on the positive speaking Wordlanders. The only response that came forward was that some things were too great for them to understand.

The King continued to prosper and began to formulate plans as to how he could get his son, Prince Devoid, to help him run the Kingdom.

To Be Continued...